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Some truths about online hookup

Even though a lot of people have joined online FWB dating, there are still many people who hold negative attitudes towards online hookup. I think no matter how developed our society is, and no matter how avant-garde people’s thinking, there are still a lot of doubts about one-night hookups. It’s inevitable. Today I’m going to… Read More »

How to Plan a Transgender Date On a Budget

Finding something interesting is a great challenge when you are dating your transgender dating partner, because if you want to have fun, you need to spend a lot of money. So in order to avoid this situation, you may choose to avoid the kinky dating. This is not true in all cases. Romantic transgender dating… Read More »

Some Suitable Dating Locations for Transgender Dating

When an offline trans dating is coming, many people will panic because they don’t know how to choose a suitable ts hookup app to satisfy their kinky dating partners. Actually, it’s not a very difficult thing. You also have many choices in many possible dating places. In this article, I will take my own experience… Read More »

Things You Should Know When Dating a Trans Woman

After you find your transgender dating partners successfully with the help of these kinky dating sites and the offline ts hookup are put on an agenda, you will find that dating a trans person especially a trans woman is an abstruse subject which needs your study and practice earnestly. Unlike these cisgender women who lead… Read More »

3 things that make you a better trans woman

Many male to female transgender women and crossdressers have problems in how to make themselves look pretty and confident. Certainly, it is not easy to solve this problem. Passing as the opposite gender and dressing as real women in a permanent task for all crossdressers and male to female transgender people. As a transgender woman… Read More »

Accept yourself as a transgender man

Transgender men is a special group in many people’s eyes. Compared with transgender women, life for transgender men is especially difficult. Due to the influence of many famous transgender women, transgender women community gets more and more attention form the outside world, and transgender dating women also be accepted by more and more people. When… Read More »

4 things to work out before your next relationship

When you’re single and interested in transgender women, you know it’s all about deciding to start a new transgender dating relationship. When you start your next transgender relationship, you make choices, but the kind of relationship you have – the quality of it — is largely up to you. My point is simple. You can… Read More »