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4 things to work out before your next relationship

When you’re single and interested in transgender women, you know it’s all about deciding to start a new transgender dating relationship. When you start your next transgender relationship, you make choices, but the kind of relationship you have – the quality of it — is largely up to you. My point is simple. You can… Read More »

Look for Filipino Transgender Women In Cebu City

If you’ve been planning a vacation to the Philippines and are looking for a shemale girlfriend, here’s some information that might be useful. This country, as well as Thailand, is one of the best places to meet an attractive trans woman, and you would hardly say he was born a man. And if you see… Read More »

Before You Go out With A Transgender, You Should Let Go

Once you overthink whether dating a transgender woman is worth it, fear takes over. It’s really complicated, and it’s going to be difficult in the process. But don’t let these factors stop you from giving yourself a chance. But you know, it’s not a shame to have a transgender dating. It’s just not widely accepted… Read More »

Transgender Women are Real Women or Not

Question on femininity and womanhood is the most serious challenge for transgender women. Many people wondering whether transgender women are real women. Nowadays, transgender women all claim that they are real women, and they even think that they shouldn’t be called “trans women”, “trans” should be removed from their life. They were born as male,… Read More »

Do not Let the Excuses Stop You Transition

When it comes to transgender women, many cisgender women would cast them aside and thinking that they are the third gender, neither men nor women. Many cisgender men would think of them as a fetish, in other word, sex toy. It is due to this fact that many transgender women do not dare to come… Read More »

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Sex Change

Why does the public always pay too much attention to transgender people or transgender dating? In fact, regardless of the nature of the sex change surgery, all trans women maintain the same beauty and appeal. What’s more, most men who have a serious relationship with them are not trying to achieve some fantasies, but because… Read More »

The First Time to Have Transgender Dating

Let’s talk about one of the most subtle and even the most embarrassing topics. I date a transgender woman for the first time. Anyone will have some fear and embarrassment when they try anything for the first time, but at the same time it is part of an adventure or a dream come true. Under… Read More »