Do not Let the Excuses Stop You Transition

When it comes to transgender women, many cisgender women would cast them aside and thinking that they are the third gender, neither men nor women. Many cisgender men would think of them as a fetish, in other word, sex toy. It is due to this fact that many transgender women do not dare to come out and be their authentic self. They refuse to transition and be themselves. They would make kinds of excuses to avoid transitioning. However, what they do not know is that how wonderful it is to be their true selves. Today, we are mainly talking about MTF transgender women.

"I'm too muscular to be a woman", "I'm too tall to transition", "I'm too hairy to transition", "I have a bald spot on my head". These are some of the common excuses used by most transgender women on trans app. First, the appearance can never be the reason for you to avoid transitioning. Appearance alters everyday by the time or by yourself. You can change it. If you think you are too muscular, take yoga or Pilates for a year or a month. Your body will change. If you think you are tall, consider it as am advantage. There are many transgender women who turn out to be models. If you think you are too hairy, that is not even an issue. There are many techniques that can help you remove your hair once and for all. Laser or razor, at your service. If your head is partly bald, you can get hair extensions or wigs. That is super easy. Besides, the most important thing is that taking hormones and blockers can help you with all these issues. It can change your body, remove your tough muscles. Shrink your height. Reduce your hair and even grow hair out on your head. These are not the reason to not transition, but excuses.

There are some transgender women who are over 50s and thinking that they are too old to transition. It is never to old to be yourself and live authentically. If you found out your true self at this time of your life, you should be lucky that you still get to choose. In this time, you are mentally, physically and more importantly financially ready. Transitioning id a very costly process. If you decide to do it in this period of life, it will be a lot easier for you. At this time, most people are half past their lives. You should never be so sure about yourself. You are living your life. Try to make it as comfortable as it should be. You should better realize that do not be influenced by other opinions. Do what you want and do what makes you feel happy.

Many transgender people focus too much on pre-transitioning, and ignore the after. They fear they would look awful after transitioning. You should pay greater attention to your future, not things that you can't control or change. Transitioned transgender women are happier. They don't care about what other people think, at least not as much as they did prior to their transition. The purpose of your transition is not becoming a beauty queen who catches attention. It should be finding yourself and be yourself. You can have a life you want and have a happy trans dating relationship.