The First Time to Have Transgender Dating

Let's talk about one of the most subtle and even the most embarrassing topics. I date a transgender woman for the first time. Anyone will have some fear and embarrassment when they try anything for the first time, but at the same time it is part of an adventure or a dream come true. Under such circumstance, this relationship will naturally develop from “knowing each other” and then develop into something more and serious. Some men have many questions and concerns when dating a transgender woman. But no matter what happens, most men will have a similar feeling and will doubt the same problem afterwards.

Most people describe the first trans dating to say a bunch of messy thoughts and doubts. For example, what should I do when I am with a transgender? Should I kiss her? Does it mean I kiss a man? How can I touch her body? It is really confusing to face this situation, right? But during and after the date, another important question emerged in the minds of men: Am I gay? Did I become gay? Men are attracted to transgender women most of the time and tend to consider this. First, dating a transgender person does not have any effect on your sexual orientation. If you like the opposite sex, then after dating a transgender girl, you will still like the opposite sex. And most men who have experienced transsexuality have never been attracted to men, and they have never had any sexual intentions for them because their own psychological gender is male.

What I am saying isn't about all of the man, this is a alternative for everyone. As for trans women, they regard themselves feminine and live as women. If you are looking for sex service, transsexuals won't do that.

Special for transgender girls

In any case, men date transgender girls are looking for a long-term and meaningful relationship with them. So what is special about transgender women? Why do so many men think they are very attractive and want to be with them? To answer this question, we specially invited several people who have been dating transgender girls for a while, ask them to talk about their views on transgender girls. As they said that trans girls have four things that ordinary girls don't usually have. Transgender girls are able to understand men, just as other girls sometimes don't understand. There is no problem to communicate with them, and their relationship may get better and better. If you are luck that a transgender can be your life's companion and your best friend.

If you need a partner to plays video games, your transsexual girlfriend may be your best one because they usually love video games. Trans girls are usually tall and may be able to help you when you need them. Last but not least, transgender people know what you like in bed and they can do better than other girls.

Where Should You Go for the First Transgender Dating?

When you decide to date a trans woman for your first trans dating, you may have no idea where to go or what to do. Then you are supposed to read the article carefully. We invited several trans women to talk about their favorite places to go on the date, and then came up with a list of the best places. It may help you find some clues about suitable places for the first transgender dating.

Movie theater

Movie theater is the place many couples choose because a dark environment can create a different atmosphere. If you are dating a transgender girl for the first time, the cinema may be your first choice. First of all, watching a movie that both of you like will avoid the awkward situation of having nothing to say. Second, in the process of watching the film, you two can communicate and interact, so that the two sides start to get familiar with each other. If you choose a romantic movie, it will also make the atmosphere between you more subtle.

One of the trans girls we invited said, she have had one date when she was 18. The boy is a college student and have no cash to go on a fancy date. So they went to a theater, watched a movie. What impressed her most was that the boy was a gentleman. He held her hand when they walked, knowing that she didn't like popcorn, so bought her candy. Though they didn't go any expensive place, she had a lot of fun. What we are trying to say is that fancy date is not the most element for the date and you don't need to do anything to impress your trans girl. All you need to do is prepare well, make sure you look good and be a gentleman. Don't skimp on your compliments. That's vital for your date.

Wine bar

This place is more suitable for couples over 20. Taking your dating partner to wine bar doesn't mean you want to get her drunk and offend her. You wouldn't do that if you are a cultured person. Wine bar is a romantic place. Before your dating, you need to order a comfortable but not too bright place.
With a nice bottle of wine, a little tipsy will make it easier to communicate and get to know each other more quickly.

A girl said when she was 24 years old, there was a man around 30 years old. He took her to a nice wine bar. Because of his well-cultured, it was really nice dating. And when it comes to wine tasting, the novelty won't wear off. It is a good destination for the first ts dating.

Theme Park

The theme park is suitable for lovers who like to play games. If your date is adventurous, the theme park is the perfect place. Going to a theme park has a lot of activities and can really measure one's interest in another. And different theme park will have different games, you two can spend a few hours cycling, playing with water, getting wet, playing with secret room escape. If two people are game lovers, that all these moments will be unforgettable.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Sex Change

Why does the public always pay too much attention to transgender people or transgender dating? In fact, regardless of the nature of the sex change surgery, all trans women maintain the same beauty and appeal. What's more, most men who have a serious relationship with them are not trying to achieve some fantasies, but because they have genuine feelings for their transgender girlfriends. Whereas, there are always some people who lack knowledge and understanding of the basic concept of transsexual change, which may lead to misunderstanding and even affect their trans relationship. We're looking for clarity, especially for people who have recently joined a ts date. If you want to feel comfortable and happy dating a trans girl, this article may be useful.

Pay attention to the topic of sex change operation

Sex change operation has nothing to do with the female image of transgender women. Whether they are performing surgery before, after or no surgery, their femininity will not increase or decrease. Be aware that this is a very sensitive topic for transgender people and requires special attention. Do not cover this topic at the beginning of the first date or the early stage of appointment. You need to better understand the personality of your partner. It is best to discuss this topic when she is willing.

Considering the most intimate part of the transgender female body, the genitals. It needs to be replaced by sex change operation. The decision of whether to do it or not should only belong to her. For some transgender women, this surgery is the only way they can change and show confidence in society. Others have enough confidence to accept their bodies and male genitals. So, everyone's views are different, don't try to impose your ideas on them, or try to influence their decisions in some way.

Transformation is long-term process

For transgender people, the process of transgender is long and time consuming, depending on how the trans women to present female side. Feminization is not just about wearing beautiful clothes and makeup. So don't confuse crossdressers with transgender people.

The process of turning into a woman is usually slow and takes time and patience. Because they are psychologically female, they need to change from the outside. The methods basically include estrogen therapy and different cosmetic procedures. With the help of estrogen injections, trans girls can improve the appearance of their skin, making the skin smoother and softer, developing the breasts, and achieving the overall characteristics of women. The ultimate outcome of hormonal therapy often depends on their genetic predisposition, which appears to be more feminine.

Unfortunately, estrogen therapy does not make all transgender girls feel confident. In this case, some transsexual women will show a truly feminine appearance through cosmetic surgery. The most common surgeries include breast augmentation, augmentation, and feminization of the face.

So, transgender is not an easy thing for trans women. If you want a long lasting and serious relationship with them, please treat them like any other women. And they deserve all your love and respect.

Do not Let the Excuses Stop You Transition

When it comes to transgender women, many cisgender women would cast them aside and thinking that they are the third gender, neither men nor women. Many cisgender men would think of them as a fetish, in other word, sex toy. It is due to this fact that many transgender women do not dare to come out and be their authentic self. They refuse to transition and be themselves. They would make kinds of excuses to avoid transitioning. However, what they do not know is that how wonderful it is to be their true selves. Today, we are mainly talking about MTF transgender women.

"I'm too muscular to be a woman", "I'm too tall to transition", "I'm too hairy to transition", "I have a bald spot on my head". These are some of the common excuses used by most transgender women on trans app. First, the appearance can never be the reason for you to avoid transitioning. Appearance alters everyday by the time or by yourself. You can change it. If you think you are too muscular, take yoga or Pilates for a year or a month. Your body will change. If you think you are tall, consider it as am advantage. There are many transgender women who turn out to be models. If you think you are too hairy, that is not even an issue. There are many techniques that can help you remove your hair once and for all. Laser or razor, at your service. If your head is partly bald, you can get hair extensions or wigs. That is super easy. Besides, the most important thing is that taking hormones and blockers can help you with all these issues. It can change your body, remove your tough muscles. Shrink your height. Reduce your hair and even grow hair out on your head. These are not the reason to not transition, but excuses.

There are some transgender women who are over 50s and thinking that they are too old to transition. It is never to old to be yourself and live authentically. If you found out your true self at this time of your life, you should be lucky that you still get to choose. In this time, you are mentally, physically and more importantly financially ready. Transitioning id a very costly process. If you decide to do it in this period of life, it will be a lot easier for you. At this time, most people are half past their lives. You should never be so sure about yourself. You are living your life. Try to make it as comfortable as it should be. You should better realize that do not be influenced by other opinions. Do what you want and do what makes you feel happy.

Many transgender people focus too much on pre-transitioning, and ignore the after. They fear they would look awful after transitioning. You should pay greater attention to your future, not things that you can't control or change. Transitioned transgender women are happier. They don't care about what other people think, at least not as much as they did prior to their transition. The purpose of your transition is not becoming a beauty queen who catches attention. It should be finding yourself and be yourself. You can have a life you want and have a happy trans dating relationship.

Transgender Women are Real Women or Not

Question on femininity and womanhood is the most serious challenge for transgender women. Many people wondering whether transgender women are real women. Nowadays, transgender women all claim that they are real women, and they even think that they shouldn't be called "trans women", "trans" should be removed from their life. They were born as male, but they need to be treated as real women now. They deserve to be loved and have some great trans date. However, some people still don't agree with this opinion. They claim that trans women are different from real women, and trans women are not real women. We don't know who is right, because both claims on transgender women and women need to be discussed again.

First, we need to review the the concept of "trans/transgender". We all believe that the sex we were assigned with is absolutely coincide with our gender identity. It is true for most people. But for people who experience gender dysphoria, their physical appearance is not coincide with their gender identity. For example, she was born as a girl, but she didn't comfort with her gender, and she wants to be a boy.

Study on transgender is not an easy task, researches and studies prove that it is a long way for the society to know the fact of being transgender. Gender identity is also hard to learn and explain, we need more researches and studies to prove the truth of transgender and gender identity. Another study on gender identity shows that gender identity irreversible and unchangeable, it means once someone realized their gender identity is different from the gender they were born with, they will never change their opinion. If you are interested in transgender date, you need to learn more things about transgender people.

Transition is a long and difficult process for all transgender people, but no one can easily change their decisions. Once thet decided to transition, they will work on it for life long. However, there are some transgender people don't have physical change, they keep their body the same as what they were born, just dress and act as the opposite gender. Most transgender people realized that they are different from other people at a very young age, they decided to transition at a very young age too.

These facts on transgender people prove that the reason of gender dysphoria is not social pressure or mental illness, some people are born with the different gender identity, myths on transgender women also dispelled in this way. In many cases, people realizes their different gender identity at a very young age. We can easily find that trans dating is more and more popular now, it means more and more people are open enough to accept transgender people, this is a great progress in transgender issue. No matter transgender women are real women or not, what we need to do it to respect them, treat them as ordinary girls. It couldn't be better if you can totally forget who they are, just treat them as real women. Moreover, if you want to know more about transgender women, you can join a trans dating app to communicate with transgender women by yourself. This is the best way to know about trans dating and trans women.

What Things Not To Do On Your First Transsexual Date to Make Your Date A Big Success?

You are dating a transsexual woman online and now it's time to go out and meet her first time. It make you bit nervous as it's your first ever transsexual date and you don't know what to do and what no on your first date? There are many things that make you confused or also excite you up for when you are thinking about your first transsexual date. Whenever, someone is going on his first transsexual date, there are lots of things in his mind to do and want to impress her date.

Everyone is making plans what to do on their first date so that he can impress her first date and get a second chance to date her too and share a healthy relationship with her. But, the most important rule of dating a transsexual woman is, you must know the things that you should never do or ask from your transsexual date. Most people never know the key point of point of transgender date and keep asking silly and irrelevant questions from her transsexual date and make things weird and make her uncomfortable. It results. They are ruining their first transsexual date and might also lose their transsexual woman forever and never get a second chance to see her again.

So, it's quite important to know what should you not ask or do when you are dating a transsexual woman. If it's your first transsexual date and you don't know that what you should don't ask from your Trans date, no worry. Here in this article, we already listed few but important things that you should never do while dating a transsexual woman. Follow these things if you really want a successful transsexual date.

Avoid any insulting term for transsexual community - porn movies are only for fun and entertainment and there isn't any sense that is related to real world. In other words, porn movies are unrealistic and there is nothing like sentiments and emotions in porn movies. Calling your transsexual date a Tranny, Shemale or a Ladyboy that is used in porn movies to make it more excited is strictly prohibited and you don't have to use these terms not only to your transsexual date but all transsexual community. A transsexual woman with self respect will never tolerate these kinds of insulting words and will definitely leave you in between your first transsexual date. So, if you really want to make your first transsexual date a big success, think before you speak and never use any insulting terms for your transsexual date.

Going intimate is not a good idea - it's your first date and you know it's all about to know each other better and so that the relationship between you too will go for long and you are going to enjoy your transsexual dating to its best. So avoid any sex ideas right in your first date.
Keep your date simple but full of excitement.

Before You Go out With A Transgender, You Should Let Go

 Once you overthink whether dating a transgender woman is worth it, fear takes over. It's really complicated, and it's going to be difficult in the process. But don't let these factors stop you from giving yourself a chance. But you know, it's not a shame to have a transgender dating. It's just not widely accepted right now. If you can stick to your love, you will get everyone's support one day. To prevent you from making mistakes, we've listed a number of common reasons why people refuse to be transgender.

Be proud of your transgender girlfriend and ignore public criticism at all costs.

Are you famous, or do you maintain a reputation that people don't think you're attracted to transgender people? What men often don't see is that there are many who hide their true love affair with transgender people just to maintain their social status or image over the years. Give yourself a chance to embrace who you really are. Give yourself a chance to show the world how much love you can give your transgender girlfriend and care the trans dating relationship. Wouldn't it be nice to show someone that true love exists, even in the midst of negative criticism?

Don't worry about telling your family the news

Family is such an important part of every living person's life. It's also one of the reasons many people don't take the steps or actions to be the person they want to be, to date someone they want to be a partner with, simply because they want to be recognized by their family. Relax if you don't think your family will accept you dating a transgender. Don't dwell too much on imagining their different reactions. Remember, value yourself. Go after the person you want to go after. Spend the rest of your life with someone you love. Even if your family doesn't understand why you like your transgender girlfriend, remember that they're not you. You see something in your trans girlfriend. Maybe it's time they accepted her.

Stop thinking about what your friend thinks

Believe it or not, peer pressure is real no matter how old you are, and it can destroy any budding relationship with a transgender partner at any time. Don't think about all the comments and gossip. Their rumors don't make you a person. Always stay one step ahead of them and respect them even if they don't deserve you.

In addition, if they are your true friends, they will support your loved ones regardless of gender and identity. If they can't support you when you're in trouble, they don't deserve to be part of your success. That's why you need to choose your friends wisely. Whoever you love, they should support you -- unless there's a good reason not to.