The Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Sex Change

Why does the public always pay too much attention to transgender people or transgender dating? In fact, regardless of the nature of the sex change surgery, all trans women maintain the same beauty and appeal. What's more, most men who have a serious relationship with them are not trying to achieve some fantasies, but because they have genuine feelings for their transgender girlfriends. Whereas, there are always some people who lack knowledge and understanding of the basic concept of transsexual change, which may lead to misunderstanding and even affect their trans relationship. We're looking for clarity, especially for people who have recently joined a ts date. If you want to feel comfortable and happy dating a trans girl, this article may be useful.

Pay attention to the topic of sex change operation

Sex change operation has nothing to do with the female image of transgender women. Whether they are performing surgery before, after or no surgery, their femininity will not increase or decrease. Be aware that this is a very sensitive topic for transgender people and requires special attention. Do not cover this topic at the beginning of the first date or the early stage of appointment. You need to better understand the personality of your partner. It is best to discuss this topic when she is willing.

Considering the most intimate part of the transgender female body, the genitals. It needs to be replaced by sex change operation. The decision of whether to do it or not should only belong to her. For some transgender women, this surgery is the only way they can change and show confidence in society. Others have enough confidence to accept their bodies and male genitals. So, everyone's views are different, don't try to impose your ideas on them, or try to influence their decisions in some way.

Transformation is long-term process

For transgender people, the process of transgender is long and time consuming, depending on how the trans women to present female side. Feminization is not just about wearing beautiful clothes and makeup. So don't confuse crossdressers with transgender people.

The process of turning into a woman is usually slow and takes time and patience. Because they are psychologically female, they need to change from the outside. The methods basically include estrogen therapy and different cosmetic procedures. With the help of estrogen injections, trans girls can improve the appearance of their skin, making the skin smoother and softer, developing the breasts, and achieving the overall characteristics of women. The ultimate outcome of hormonal therapy often depends on their genetic predisposition, which appears to be more feminine.

Unfortunately, estrogen therapy does not make all transgender girls feel confident. In this case, some transsexual women will show a truly feminine appearance through cosmetic surgery. The most common surgeries include breast augmentation, augmentation, and feminization of the face.

So, transgender is not an easy thing for trans women. If you want a long lasting and serious relationship with them, please treat them like any other women. And they deserve all your love and respect.