Ravi's room to share my dating experience on Translr

 Hello, everyone, this is ravi. I am glad to share my life with you. 

I am a trans women for six years. I love my life now.  I am a trans model for a big transgender dating app Translr:

My dating experience on Translr

 The Translr team asks me to be a model of its app. I am happy to help. 

I tried this app firstly. The team sent me free trial and trans singles are available for free trial now. 

Users are many and I guess 80% of them are in the United States. Getting views easily but not many local males users I am interested. 

In a week, I find two real dates. We met at a cafe. One is a lawyer but not my dream lover. One is a rock fans and we talked so much. 

Someone asks if I am regretful to be a trans girl.

No, I just do what I want. Chase wind and love life.

good night, everyone.