Transgender Women are Real Women or Not

Question on femininity and womanhood is the most serious challenge for transgender women. Many people wondering whether transgender women are real women. Nowadays, transgender women all claim that they are real women, and they even think that they shouldn't be called "trans women", "trans" should be removed from their life. They were born as male, but they need to be treated as real women now. They deserve to be loved and have some great trans date. However, some people still don't agree with this opinion. They claim that trans women are different from real women, and trans women are not real women. We don't know who is right, because both claims on transgender women and women need to be discussed again.

First, we need to review the the concept of "trans/transgender". We all believe that the sex we were assigned with is absolutely coincide with our gender identity. It is true for most people. But for people who experience gender dysphoria, their physical appearance is not coincide with their gender identity. For example, she was born as a girl, but she didn't comfort with her gender, and she wants to be a boy.

Study on transgender is not an easy task, researches and studies prove that it is a long way for the society to know the fact of being transgender. Gender identity is also hard to learn and explain, we need more researches and studies to prove the truth of transgender and gender identity. Another study on gender identity shows that gender identity irreversible and unchangeable, it means once someone realized their gender identity is different from the gender they were born with, they will never change their opinion. If you are interested in transgender date, you need to learn more things about transgender people.

Transition is a long and difficult process for all transgender people, but no one can easily change their decisions. Once thet decided to transition, they will work on it for life long. However, there are some transgender people don't have physical change, they keep their body the same as what they were born, just dress and act as the opposite gender. Most transgender people realized that they are different from other people at a very young age, they decided to transition at a very young age too.

These facts on transgender people prove that the reason of gender dysphoria is not social pressure or mental illness, some people are born with the different gender identity, myths on transgender women also dispelled in this way. In many cases, people realizes their different gender identity at a very young age. We can easily find that trans dating is more and more popular now, it means more and more people are open enough to accept transgender people, this is a great progress in transgender issue. No matter transgender women are real women or not, what we need to do it to respect them, treat them as ordinary girls. It couldn't be better if you can totally forget who they are, just treat them as real women. Moreover, if you want to know more about transgender women, you can join a trans dating app to communicate with transgender women by yourself. This is the best way to know about trans dating and trans women.